About Us:

After spending many years working in Los Angeles, first as a film editor and later as a post-production supervisor for MGM and Warner Bros, Portland native Mike Clark decided it was time to move back home and try to fulfill his dream of creating a one kind video store.

On April 12th 1991, with only 2000 titles, Mike opened the doors to Movie Madness for the very first time. When he first opened, the store was only 800 square feet and Mike was the only employee. The first few years were tough, but with the exceptional public support and interest in his rare and hard to find film collection, Mike knew he was on to something.

As the store grew, Mike continued to acquire rare and obscure films wherever he could find them, along with all of the latest new releases. Then in 1995, Mike was given the opportunity to purchase a dress worn by Diane Keaton in the classic film THE GODFATHER, PART II and "The Museum of Motion Picture History" was born. Many more costumes and props followed, and Mike now has over 100 pieces in his ever growing collection.

In the fall of 2007, over 16 years after he first opened his doors, Mike put the finishing touches on his dream with the opening of a newly remodeled store. Movie Madness now has over 80,000 titles packed into 6000 square feet of floor space. So if you've never been to Movie Madness before or if you haven't been in recently, you really have to come down and see our store. We think it's more than just a video store - it's an experience unlike any other.

We at Movie Madness would like to
take this opportunity to thank each
and every one of our customers for
helping Mike realize his dream.