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"Best movie store ever! I have been a customer for many years and a very satisfied one at that. The selection can't be beat with rare copies of dvd's and videos you can't find anywhere else."

Caitlin C. Elite '12 Reviewer

"In an era where it seems every other video store is going out of business, it is incredibly exhilarating to walk into a place like Movie Madness and see the richness of selection. Some pretty cool movie props on display too."

Jens J. Elite '12 Reviewer

"They have EVERYTHING!!! TV series box sets are cheap!! The staff is great! I would rather rent here and support them then rent anywhere else! F netflix!"

Tanna E. Elite '12 Reviewer

"This video store kicks ass and they have an amazing selection. I was really impressed by all of the TV series they had."

Ellie B. Elite '12 Reviewer

"Amazing! It's like visiting a Hollywood museum while renting a movie. A co-worker recommended a movie that Netflix didn't have. Sure enough Movie Madness did!"

Hector B.

"This is by far the best video store ever! My husband and I love to rent obscure horror films we read about on the internet, rare old, British television shows, and all kinds of music dvds. Never once has this place not had what we came for! Its amazing. Its huge. And its selection is unmatched. Why would I go for something like Netflix when I can go to this place? One great thing for us is that since we currently live across the river in Vancouver, they allow us to have the movies for 5 days instead of the normal 3. Totally worth the drive!"

Lisa H. Elite '12 Reviewer

"See close-up displays of authentic costumes from famous cinemas-props, too! An incredible and unique selection of rentals at reasonable rates. This small town business is a place we always show to out-of-staters. Murals on the hallway walls make the shop unique. Staff is helpful, store is well-organized, too. A fun place to go for an affordable date."

Shannon M. Insider Expert

"This is the coolest movie rental place I've ever been to. Is it because of the actual movie costumes and props they had on display? Or the huge selection of almost every movie under the sun? Personally, i think it was the hilariously titled movie sections, such as "Leviathans & Behemoths who Threaten the Orient," "Leviathans & Behemoths who Threaten the rest of the World," "Fast Food Cannibals," and "Demented Kids Movies," just to name a few."

Howard F.

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