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"The selection is vast. The movie artifacts are plentiful and impressive. The worker bees are very cute kids who never judge my awful movie selections or the speed at which I can get through a season of Battlestar Gallactica. Any question I've ever taken to them they help with, and if they can't they involve each other until I have whatever bad movie I was looking for.

My favorite is the TV selection, and the great deal of $5 to rent an entire season.

Love! Good people of Portland, please keep the Movie Madness alive!"

Rachel T.

"BEST VIDEO STORE IN THE WORLD. Movie Madness is without a doubt the best Video rental store I've ever seen - an incredible collection of Foreign, Classic, Cult, Horror , TV, Anime etc etc - you name it they've got it - not only the well-known titles, but also the obscure classics known only to the connoisseur. Plus the whole place is a movie memorabilia museum!

Where else can you go see a chair used in "Casablanca" or pants worn by Frank Morgan in "The Wizard of Oz" and then rent those same movies? Also, I've found he staff to be quite helpful and pleasant."


"Hands down thee best video store in the state of oregon. An amazingly vast collection, they have new releases and some great hard to find and out of print movies. I could spend hours in this store just in awe. The store is categorized in an easy to find helpful way and if you can't find what you are looking for there is a computer to guide you on your way. The staff is very friendly and rather good looking and they won't let you down if you go with their pick. Better than Netflix? I think so. Check them out."

Em H.

"This is the coolest movie rental place I've ever been to. Is it because of the actual movie costumes and props they had on display? Or the huge selection of almost every movie under the sun? Personally, i think it was the hilariously titled movie sections, such as "Leviathans & Behemoths who Threaten the Orient," "Leviathans & Behemoths who Threaten the rest of the World," "Fast Food Cannibals," and "Demented Kids Movies," just to name a few."

Brianna L.