Four years after Movie Madness first opened its doors to the public, owner Mike Clark was vacationing in Las Vegas where he discovered Antiquities International at Caesar’s Palace. It was there that he purchased his very first piece of Hollywood memorabilia in 1995. Diane Keaton’s dress from the academy award winning film THE GODFATHER: PART II was for sale. He knew right away that this was something that he needed to have for his store – something that he could put on display and share with other movie fans in the city of Portland. With that first piece of Hollywood history, Mike Clark’s “Museum of Motion Picture History” was born.

“In 1989, I remember seeing a special presentation at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. They had some of the greatest and most famous costumes and props from all of my favorite movies on display. I remember feeling amazed and captivated looking at the many costumes, like Vivian Leigh’s gown from GONE WITH THE WIND, and Judy Garland’s dress from THE WIZARD OF OZ. I remember thinking how cool it was to see these things from my favorite movies up close and in person. I wanted my friends and other movie fans to share in that experience too. I always thought it would be great to have a permanent exhibit like that on display for the pubic to come see and enjoy. This was always in the back of my mind… and when I had the chance to buy that Dianne Keaton dress, it became a reality.”

Countless auctions and generous donations later, Mike Clark has now collected over 100 pieces of one of a kind costumes and props that span the entire history of cinema – from the silent era, to modern classics. On our website, you’ll find a small sample of some of those items. But there is much, much more to see in person. Come down to Movie Madness and enjoy the huge and ever-growing collection in its entirety! It’s the world’s only video rental store with a museum of motion picture history throughout!